How Legacy Provides Care for Their Aging HIV Patients

How Legacy Provides Growth to its Employees

The Impact of Patient Care

How Unconventional Care Leads to the Best Outcomes

Caring for Every Aspect of Patient’s Health

What it Takes to be a Behavioral Health Consultant

A Day at the Wellness Bar

A Community-Forward and Patient-First Approach

Introduction To the Legacy Wellness Bar

Continuous Education Support

Helping People No Matter The Circumstances

Working as a Medical Assistant

A Peek into the Teamwork at Legacy

Reasons Why You Should Consider Working at Legacy

Promoting the Health of Our Community

The Many Benefits of Working at Legacy

Balancing Accommodation and Patient Care of Behavioral Health Patients

How Our Staff Comes Together to Provide the Best Care for Our Behavioral Health Patients

A Peek into Medical Assistant Training at Legacy

A Look into the Expectations of a Medical Assistant